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Jam With Humans is all about creating and sharing ideas. We teach and perform creativity and improvisation in music and comedy theatre, in Amsterdam and around the world.

Quarentine: we're staying at home

Jam With Humans at home

For the foreseeable future, we won't be holding any meetings in person, as we should all stay at home as much as possible.

However, we are working on bringing some Jam With Humans goodness to your homes via live streaming. Follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook to receive updates and notifications about when we're live.

We've made a full statement about our attitude towards the COVID-19 pandemic. It includes some musical suggestions on how to spend your time.

The Jam Society

A Comedy Cabaret · A Musical Extravaganza

Our live show The Jam Society premiered in December 2018 and has surprised audiences both in Amsterdam and at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

This upbeat, silly, smart and sexy variety show features The Jam With Humans Orchestra as the live band and various internationally acclaimed comedy and variety performers.

The Jam With Humans Workshps

For those who speak · For those who create

Do you have to communicate ideas in real-time? Then this workshop is for you.

Each workshop is tailored to suit the expected audience. Some will require a music background from the participants, others will not. The exercises are meant to help you create, whether you are a virtuoso musician or you can't whistle to save your life.

jam with humans


Learning methods for improvisation will always improve your relationship with your instrument and help you become more expressive.

debate with humans


Whether you debate or you podcast, as a speaker you need to practice how to expose what goes on in your brain. Using a non-verbal language like music is a great way to practice those skills.

act with humans


It doesn't matter if you are an improv or a Shakespearean actor, controlling the way you express yourself is a fundamental part of acting.

teambuilding with humans


Working in a team involves having to deal with other humans. Understanding how others communicate and respond to your ideas can be the key to efficiency.

Next workshops

Public workshops are listed on the calendar of the Jam With Humans Meetup group or our Facebook page. Most workshops are rooted in music creativity, are free (pay-what-you-want) and everyone willing to play is welcome to join!

We also often offer workshops on other disciplines of stage performance and/or improvisation featuring guest teachers. Make sure to check out our calendar on Meetup and Facebook!

If you'd like to have a sneak peak on what we do in your workshops, check out the clips from past sessions in our Soundcloud page.


Daniel's headshot

Hi, I'm Daniel!

I've created Jam With Humans to teach improvisation to groups without the constraints of charging a regular price per lesson or forcing the students to play within a particular style or with a specific technique. Since then, the project has extended past the regular meetups and into live events in which the most regular participants of the workshops can show what we've been practising.

I direct all the activities of Jam With Humans, but none of it could be possible without the kindness and effort of a team of volunteers who regularly helps to put everything together, and the Earth Works studio, our regular home.

If you want to find out more about me, dive into my personal site

Use the contacts below to get in touch with me directly!

Get in touch

Feel free to drop a line to learn more, to book a workshop for your company or just to say "hi":

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