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Jam With Humans

Summer Extravaganza

of the Jam With Humans Orchestra (plus special guests)

June 1st

doors open at 19:00

Q-Factory (studio -1.11)


The Jam With Humans Orchestra presents a cavalcade through all the music they have worked on for the last half year in a two-hour long show, full of special guests.

If you love music, you will not want to miss this show. The Orchestra will cover it all, from Beethoven to avant-garde rock, from improvised game pieces to composed movements.

Here's a teaser for the kind of music you'll hear:

Practical information

Studio -1.11 of Q-Factory - that's studio 11, in the basement.

Doors open at 19:00 (the show starts within 30min of opening the doors).

There will be a break. You can get drinks at the bar and bring them to the studio.

This is a show for all ages.

Featuring the very special guests

ASTIRoids - freestyle rappers

Albert Manders - flute

The Daze - electro-ambient project incubated by Jam With Humans

and more to be announced!


General admission
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