Jam With Humans presents


An improvisational music concert

and more?

We are no androids or aliens. We are humans and we are going to invade your ear drums with improvised music! We will also share our secrets so that you too can be part of the invasion. Listen to your best jazz and/or rock records and join the Jam With Humans mob*.


* audience participation is voluntary.


December 1st ● 20:30

Zaal 100

Ticket: €5

What to expect

Expect an evening full of surprises. The music may be improvised, but every bit in the concert is scripted. The most seasoned participants of the Jam With Humans workshops will make their best effort to show the intricate creativity exercises we've been practicing, while being accompanied by two of the key musicians from the Portuguese improvisational scene: Paulo Alexandre Jorge - who brings in the free jazz - and João Alexandre Sousa - who brings in the experimental rock.

However, the program doesn't end there...

Featuring the Jam With Humans Orchestra

Special guests

Paulo Alexandre Jorge

Paulo Alexandre Jorge

on the sax

João Alexandre Sousa

João Alexandre Sousa

on the guitar and drums


Daniel Matias Ferrer

Daniel Matias Ferrer

also on the drums